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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  June 10, 2011 1:00am-2:00am EDT

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good to see you. you worked on cheers. we'll see you at the convention tomorrow night, hannity social. >> ice cream social. >> sean: exactly. we toss it now greta. >> greta: we just got new video of donald trump. has he changed his mind? is he going to run for president? hear from him in a few minutes. >> casey anthony murder trial. the jury sees the worst today. we'll tell you about it. >> only here on the record you see with your own eyes the crime scene. >> plus, what will it take for the obama administration to just wake up? how bad does it have to get? we keep warning. tonight news of a shootout on the texas border. u.s. agents under fire from suspected cartel members. attorney general abbott is here to go on the record. >> first, more bad news on-the-job front today. our nation's unemployment rate is climbing that's the wrong direction that is bad for
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millions of americans. here's rush limbaugh's take. >> new unemployment claims up again. unexpectedly, of course. don't worry ladies and gentlemen, just another bump in the road. sort of the way the rocky mountains are a bump in the road on to the way to cal. -- on the way to california. it just keeps worsening. there's no sign of any improvement. >> greta: rush limbaugh slams president obama for sticking with cap and trade. >> so if you think that barack obama might change his mind about his own policies, because of what is happening to the u.s. economy, forget it. he's double down on the damage. >> greta: is president obama really doubling down on bad policies? our next guest, former governor tim pawlenty joins us. good evening governor. >> good evening thanks for having me. >> greta: i heard you had a
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speech recently on economics. we are hearing from potential candidates about what in the long term he or she would do. people are hurting. they need help right now. if you were president, is there anything you would do immediately in the next day or week or month that can make any difference on these people's lives on getting jobs to the -- getting jobs and the economy revved up? >> gave a speech at barack obama's former place of , university of chicago. first of all, let's have a positive, optimistic outlook. not a declinist outlook like president obama has. >> greta: it is hard not to. i've seen the signs for lease, for sale, i've seen the unemployment numbers. people need help, right now. >> that's right here's what i hear everyday. get the government off my back. make the load lighter not heavier. we can end act my tax plan. president obama refuses to do
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that other than symbolically. we have a transformative change. what businesses and job providers is saying it is too expensive, costly, slow, discouraging to do business. that's not the america we want. we want an america that is growing. not having an average or malaise attitude that the president has. >> greta: let's say you want a tax change. can you do it by executive or or not? the change in the tax code, it is not easy to get things to move quickly that takes too long for a lot of people. they are desperate now. anything as president you can do by executive order to give some relief? maybe not but the american people would love to know answers. >> markets anticipate these changes. one thing you can do right away, which i would on my first day as president direct the health and human services department to grant a waiver to every state to get out from obamacare.
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i met a guy the other day moving his business out of the country because of obamacare. the list goes on and on. we have people all over this country saying the government is weighing me down and discouraging me from providing jobs. not that they don't have the will. the government, regulation, litigation, taxation, energy costs that are not bringing forward american energy and more supply and driving down costs. i can do one thing quickly issue a directive to hhs to grant every waiver for everybody out of obamacare, day one. >> greta: newt gingrich campaign today, departure of many of his top aides. the most interesting thing his national co-chair is former governor purdue of georgia. he has jumped ship to you. how did that happen? >> well, sonny purdue is a great friend of mine.
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somebody i've known for years. i think he decided in light of where newt's campaign may be at this was a good time. we are proud to have him. we are going to change america by getting this economic moving again. and getting this economy providing s again for people across this country. >> greta: did he call you or did you call him? when did you get word there was going to be the shake-up in the campaign for speaker gingrich? >> i've known him for years. i gave him a call today and said, i don't know where this is headed from here. when it is right for you, we wouldr and the opportunity for you to be a leader in our effort. he under -- he understood that and agreed and we are honored to have him onboard. >> greta: someone said that ronald reagan rule about not speaking ill of fellow republicans. earlier this week ed rollins who has signed up for congresswoman
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michelle bachmann's potential campaign took a slap at former governor sarah palin. if ed rollins were on your staff tonight or anyone else took a slap at another potential candidate or member of your party, would you have no tolerance and say you are out of here or would you issue some other statement? >> there is going to be some back and forth inevitably. i told my team we are going to an bye-bye the fullest extent of ronald reagan r's 11th commandment. if -- if somebody throws an elbow there will be a response. >> greta: what if your team throws the elbow first? >> if they say somebody else's policy is good and mine is bad, if they are calling names, if it was serious enough i would tell them to fan a different job. >> greta: would you get rid of
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ed rollins? >> i'm in the going to get into the details of what other people's staffing arrangement should be. >> greta: we've got to chain the way politics are done in this country. see what positions people take whether there is going to be smearing and trashing or whether we try something new and do it just on the issues. >> look, i'm running for president of the united states for a country think that love. i got the skills and ability to get this thing fixed watch somebody else's consultants, employees are doing is their business that is not the issue in front of us. the issue is how we go this country fixed and back on track. what somebody else's staff does is something for the other candidates to deal with. >> greta: governor thank you. hope you come back soon. >> thank you. >> greta: despite our warnings here at on the record and
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warnings by others and plesa by others it is happening, shootout on the texas border. agents came under heavy fire this morning as they tried to seize a drug lord from mexico into the united states. the attack took place 240 miles south of san antonio. texas attorney general greg abbott joins us. good evening. surprised? >> not surprised. we've been warning about this for over a year. over 10 times the past year there have been shootings that have crossed the border. i would say in comment to what president obama said just a month ago, apparently we do need to bill a bigger moat between texas and mexico, because the gun fire keeps riddling across. i do think this is a game changing moment. now the rules are different than they used to be. now the cartel members have no hesitation to shoot at law enforcement in the state of texas in the united states.
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i think the game plan before now has been the las vegas game plan that is, what happens in vegas stays in vegas. the u.s. administration under barack obama has had the vegas game plan. what happens in mexico, stays in mexico in is a warning shot that they need to heed. no longer can they pretend that what happens in mexico stays there. because it is crossing the border with greater frequency. there will be american blood on the administration's hands sometime soon. >> greta: you and i have spoken before. this was init able. what is going to happen if we -- this was inevitable. it is not some great surprise. it is like ah-ha! let me ask you this, are there mexican drug cartel people living in texas right now? >> oh yeah, absolutely. everyone involved in law enforcement knows the drug cartels have operations throughout texas. they have stash houses not
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just along the border but in san antonio, dallas, houston and on up through the united states. it is not just texas that is being infiltrated. it is the rest of the entire country. >> greta: when were there we did an appearance with governor perry. after we turned off the lights for our show we were warned not to let anyone know we were the media because they said the drug cartel is in that area and they don't like the media. >> very important issue involving journalists, because the journalists in mexico have been largely co-opted by the cartels they will print only what stories the cartels find acceptable. cartels sent a message to reporters, news outlets in mexico, you print a bad story, you could lose a life. >> greta: why do you think that the issue at the border is not taken seriously in washington? >> it is all politics. the obama administration thinks, falsely thinks, it is
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playing politics with the hispanic community by ignoring their safety and trying to play up the immigration issue as though it will help obama's reelection. not understanding the people on the frontlines of these bullets are members of the hispanic community in south texas. obama is sacrificing the safety, health and well-being of hispanics who live in texas and up and down the u.s. border. >> greta: we've been to mexico, it is stunning. more leaders should go down there. attorney general, nice to see you. welcome to washington. congressman wean talking about his internet sex scandal and his job. he tells the "new york post" he will not resign. he's not being so vocal about his personal life. >> look, i've betrayed a lot of people. and i know it. and i'm trying to get back to work now and try to make mends
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to my constituents and to my family of course. >> where are you headed today? >> to try to get some work done. >> you said you are not planning on resigning? >> i'm not. >> any more pictures out there? >> as i said monday, i exchanged inappropriate things were people. -- with people. i have no deal with those consequences. i was honest monday after i had not been for a while. >> what about your wife and the pregnancy, how are you feeling about that? >> no comment. >> boy or girl? >> greta: there are calls from both sides of the aisle for the congressman to step down. pelosi is calling for an ethics probe. >> the jury has no choice,
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each member of the jury must look at the worst pictures. decomposed child, a few strands of hair and evidence of duct tape. today was day 14 in the casey anthony murder trial. for the first time the jury sees the gruesome photos of the scene. now, we wasn't back to the crime scene a few days ago this is what we saw. you are looking at a wooded area. it is about a two minute drive from the home where little caylee anthony lived with her mother and grand patients. probably a five minute walk -- and grandparents. probably a five minute walk. she disappeared in june of 2008, three years ago. the police first started looking for her sometime in july when the grandmother reported she was missing. and the police say they didn't look in this area and the searchers, because it was so flooded. you can see how dense it is now, three years later, about the same time of year.
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the remains of caylee were found in december of 2008. about six months after she disappear. it is hard to ignore the significance of the fact that the child's remains were found two minutes, by car, from the zç!s in a sick way, people would say this is a good day for the prosecution. but it is a powerful day when you start presenting the evidence of the autopsy and the crime scene, isn't it?
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>> yeah, it's difficult. it's difficult for all parties. but this is really necessary because it is actually the nexus of the crime. and this is a big issue in the crime -- is cause of death. and of course, we have seen that that if mr. baez presents an accidental death, no accidental death presents with duct tape over the nose and mouth. so this is the prosecution's attempt to show a crime other than accidental death. >> you make a good point because up until this point, they are almost all in agreement, although there is back and forth in cross-examination and attempts to focus on the evidence. but it seems that people agree that the child died. the defense says it's accident. and the prosecution says it's murder. probably place in the trunk of the car. i don't think there is much dispute of that, even though they fought over the odor in the car or not.
1:16 am
but when you look at the remains and you circumstantially put the evidence together, does it look like she accidentally died or she was murdered? and the duct tape is painful for the defense to handle. >> greta, i don't think we are going to know unless casey anthony wants to take the stand and describe exactly what happened to her daughter. and if those statements all fit into the evidence. now, the duct tape is either anti-mortem or post-mortem -- before death or after death. but because of the advanced stage of the decomposition, there is nobody that can determine if that tape was on before or after death, if the child had been found within a couple of weeks, you could have. >> one of the most curious things about the case and it still hasn't come out in evidence -- the meter reader who found the remains. he made has first call on august 11. yet, the remains were not found until december 11. have you any explanation for
1:17 am
that? it may be a side, collateral issue, but can you understand that? >> i don't understand this. every time i read something, i get confused. but, greta, let's understand something, it has nothing to do with casey anthony and her statement, her attorney's statement in opening statements. the child died june 16. has nothing to do with the discovery of the replains because -- remains because even in august, there is probably a high probability that there would not have been enough remains to actually create the cause of death opinion. i am not sure. but there was an advanced state of decomposition in the trunk. and that, of course, was much later than that. >> the trial resumes tomorrow. casey anthony back in the courtroom, having, i guess, composed herself a little bit because the -- they will continue with the information about the crime scene and the autopsy and the defense starts next week. mark, thank you. straight ahead, every parent's worst nightmare-- the call --
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your college student child is missing. two parent who is got that horrible call and are frantically lookingf their college students or any lead. the parents are here, next. also, if the economy doesn't rev up -- or worse -- continues down, could a potted plant beat president obama in november 2012? dick morris goes on the record. donald trump is never dull. tonight he is sounding off again. has he changed his mind about running for president? hear from donald trump in just minutes. male announcer ] the network -- a network of possibilities. in here, the planned combination of at&t and t-mobile would deliver our next generation mobile broadband experience to 55 million more americans, many in small towns and rural communities, giving them a new choice. we'll deliver better service, with thousands of new cell sites... for greater access to all the things you want, whenever you want them.
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>> greta: where is indiana university student missing since last friday morning after a night out with friends. family and volunteers continue to search for lauren, police in indiana are saying they are not ruling out foul play. right now police are investigating surveillance video showing an altercation involving the man she was seen with before she disappeared. at this hour a lot of heart break and not any leads. joining us her parents. good evening to both of you. i always sort of try to search for the right words to say. it is obviously the
1:23 am
unthinkable, horrible situation. the best we can do is put the picture out there, someone sees something and give us any clues. so, tell me, robert, any lieds tonight? >> there are no -- there are a number of things that the police are looking at, evaluating different things they've been working on over the last few days. no specific leads. there's no one that they are pursuing, specifically. >> as i understand it there's videotape showing your daughter going towards or near her apartment. not necessarily into the building, is that correct? >> i can't really comment on the video. i have not seen it. and i just can't comment. i don't want to risk anything that the police department has. >> greta: any information that you do want to get out there?
1:24 am
a cans to spread more information. -- a chance to spread more information, more news. how can we help you? >> i think the biggest help right now is keeping this story alive. and to continue to ask anybody that has any information at this stage of the game. i think it is uncon shone able that someone knows -- uncon shoneable that someone knows and has the information that we need and they are not coming forward. i don't want to say -- well i am angry and hurt. there's so many emotions going on in my mind. you know, i just beg and plead for somebody, anybody to come for with the information. because clearly, somebody has that information. and you know, it is time to do the right thing. time to step up. and do the right thing.
1:25 am
cause, -- >> she is out there. and somebody knows where she is. somebody knows what happened. >> any information that is provided is strictly anonymous. there's two hotlines. a hotline through the bloomington police department and that number may be on your screen now. we certainly provided it. and i can give it to you now. >> greta: it is up there. >> okay, good. >> there's a second hotline through america's most wanted. both hotlines are strictly anonymous. there's no tracing of the call. so we ask anyone with any information to please contact "america's most wanted" or the bloomington police. having a small piece of information can be critical to figuring out this puzzle. we believe she is out there. we are desperately searching
1:26 am
for her everyday, we're out there with hundreds of volunteers. today for example, there was a search that started at 5:30. i can tell you there had to be over 400 people. it was overwhelming. i expect that effort will continue tomorrow. everyone here in the bloomington community, the school, the town's people have been incredible. we've gotten support from our family and friends back east in the new york area. they've been coming out from other states as well. so the network is here and a lot of people are working to find lauren. >> greta: we have her picture up. if anyone has any information whatsoever call the number on the screen or your local police if you forgot that number. they will find the family. thank you both. all i can say, i hope tonight you get some news and i hope it is good news.
1:27 am
>> thank you. >> greta, i appreciate that. i would like to mention there is a reward, $100,000 reward leading to the return of lauren. if that's significant to anyone, please act on it. and give us the information to bring her home. >> i can add one event in addition to the searches, lunch for lauren at 12:20. we are asking everybody to take a moment and search the area where either you work or live. and that concerted effort, every person if they could do that it could prove helpful. >> greta: thank you both. >> thank you for having us. >> greta: thank you. >> coming up, the numbers are in. they are disappointing. they are horrible. they not only mean pain for many americans. they also a political stink
1:28 am
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len more at >> greta: bad news for president obama. latest unemployment numbers, bad. labor department reporting 1,000 more people filed for unemployment benefits last week than the week before. total number of new unemployment claims is 427,000. how will these numbers impact the 2012 presidential race or is it too early to be looking at them? joining us dicka/vw morris.
1:32 am
by talking about the numbers as it relates to politics, i don't mean undermine the seriousness and pain americans are feeling and act like it is only a numbers game. if we roll around to october, november 2012, does it really matter who the republican candidate is? if the numbers are doing well, president obama gets another term. if he's not doing well, he's out. does it really matter? >> i think there's a -- within a sink band it matters. obviously if it is hoover time or ronald reagan '84 time you are going to win or lose, based on the economy. people often ask me if the numbers aren't any better by election day. what does that mean for obama? i think if the numbers aren't any better by election day it will be a close race that he will probably lose. i do think the numbers are going to get worse. i think that the trends, the federal remember is of board
1:33 am
is no longer going to be printing money as of june 30th. interest rates will race, stimulus of the economy will stop. stimulus money itself has largely dried up. opec is committed to $100 a barrel oil. none of this is good. i think that frankly, we'll look back at these numbers and say those were the good days. >> greta: that is disheartening to hear. to say the light. is there -- >> i've been saying it for a couple of years. i wrote a book three years ago that predicted this. i think we have further down to go. >> greta: i don't know what to say about that. i'm hoping you are dead wrong, basically. as i say, i travel so much, it is almost like we can't an ford to play politics with the numbers. i want suggesting you were. it is time to turn this around. unfortunately, with the numbers the way they are
1:34 am
trerpbing we are not going not right direction. nk they are going to get paid. it generally means they are concerned about the level of fundraising and we'll know that at the end of june. i sympathize with gingrich he's saying i know the average candidate has to save all his money, buy 30 second spots, go to every clam bake in iowa. i'm going to run based on ideas, win all these debates because i'm and credible debater, the first debate is monday night. we'll see if it is true. and i don't have to follow your trajectory. consultants only know one way to do it, the way they've
1:35 am
always done it. >> greta: interesting you say that, i don't know if he is doing it differently is going to mean that he's going to get the nomination. remember, president obama did it differently two years ago. maybe it is time for a new way to do things. it worked for president obama. candidates on both sides of the aisle have to look at new ways. >> he's saying with all of the electronic media, do do i need to drown everybody with 30 second negative ads on television? why do i have to attend every picnic in iowa let me run a campaign long on ideas and give him a shot. don't expect the consultants to buy that. theirs is a money oriented politics because like i used to be they are professionals. they want to get paid. i always wanted to get paid. >> greta: my prediction is he's going to stay in the
1:36 am
race. i hear people say he's out the next couple of days, i don't think so, we'll see. >> no, he's going to day in >> greta: i think so too. >> here's what is coming up. >> bill: there's something unsettling about the destruction of a human being every night on television what is what is happening to anthony weiner. >> herman cain makes his debut with me on the factor tonight. >> greta: that's 11 p.m. eastern. >> things are so bad in south carolina that the legislature asked the supreme court in an emergency action to put the lid on governor nikki haley. they wanted to reinn -- to rein her in. we'll hear from her. >> donald trump is talking 2012 again. >> we may know what president clinton advised congressman weiner. stay tuned. [ female announcer ] ever wish vegetables didn't taste so vegetably? well, v8 v-fusion juice gives you a full serving of vegetables,
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>> from america's news headquarters, i'm marianne rafferty. new developments surrounding arizona's second largest wildfire ever. firefighters are saying they contained 5% of the flames and they also say the fire has burned more than two dozen homes. the fire's spreading to within a mile of the new mexico border. hundreds of people in that stated are preparing to evacuate. dozens of others have already left their homes. it's a full house at the international space station. three new tenants arriving on thursday on board the russian soez spacecraft.
1:42 am
the astronauts will stay at the orbiting lab for five months. three others are already on board the statestation. they will be there when atlantis arrives next month for nasa's last shuttle mission ever. the soez spacecraft launched from cosic stan yesterday. -- ht south carolina governor hayley? she tried to get workers back to work.ñyb2< the -- governor nice to see you again. as i understand it, tell me if i'm wrong you issued an executive order asking the legislature to come back into session and they went off to
1:43 am
the state supreme court and said you didn't have the authority to ask them back in session. is that where we start? >> yeah, it is pretty sad. when a republican senator sues a republican governor for trying to push the conservative reforms, it is a strange set of consequences for sure. the key is, south carolina is in a place where we've done great things. this year along we passed tort reform. every legislator has to show their vote on the record. medicaid reform. voter id on the cusp of illegal immigration reform for the second time. the one thing south carolina has not done is restructure. we are still having an archaic style of government that i want to change. every agency has their own e-mail servers. their owner is ofer systems. every agency has their own accounting background systems. we want to streamline that output it into a department of administration like most states and put that under the
1:44 am
governor. we've asked for that the legislature was aware we thought that was a priority. everyday we don't have a department of administration a day we are wasting dollars and not being effective for taxpayer. we told the legislature to finish. after six months one of the longest seconds in the country they had not gotten to it. all we heard that day was how much they would have loved to have done it they just needed more time. we gave it to them. we called them back and said come in on tuesday. at that point they sued me. >> greta: as an outsider, i read the petition. i have a copy of the petition that was filed. it says, as i understand the law as the republican state senator says, you can only summon them back in extraordinary circumstances. that's the only time the governor has the power. here's what i find absolutely completely bizarre, crazy, nuts, lunatic, what was written in the brief it says this is not unusual
1:45 am
circumstances so you can. let me read you the quote: the fact that legislative business is left uncompleted after the first year of a two year session is the quintessential definition of an ordinary occurrence and no rational way may be construed as an extraordinary occasion. it is bizarre. they are saying we never finish our business. and they are bragging, using that against you. i would be humiliated, embarrassed. if i said to fox news, done expect me to come to work because it -- don't expect me to come to work because it is ordinary that someone doesn't come to work so i'm not going to come to work. i found that shameful on the part of whoever wrote this brief. >> the chief justice submitted that it was a 3-2 vote. welcome to the haley administration. it is about results, no more talk that's called them back. the days of them saying we wish we would have done it but we ran out of time is the good
1:46 am
thing about south carolina is that the south carolina house republicans supported me. the south carolina senate republicans supported me. the speaker of the house and the attorney general supported me. this wasn't just where everybody went against the governor this is where you are seeing good change in south carolina. where the governor is saying you have a job to do, you are going to do it. >> greta: not whether it is a good idea whether someone should vote with you or you on this. that's not even the position i come from the fact that the legislature is using them the fact that they are incompetence, that they haven't finished something that's ordinary. i would be trying to hide that was other. i wouldn't have my lawyers put that in a brief and use it as a reason not to do my work. if they don't like what you are going to do they could vote against what you want. that would be fine. they are bragging and using it you. we never do our work what is your problem governor we'll do it later.
1:47 am
they admit it and brag about it and use it you. i would be ashamed, embarrassed. >> it is bizarre. one of the things, that's what i told them if you for it vote up. if not, vote it down. but don't leave it on the take. it is not just about the power it is about the work. they have to work for the taxpayers. it is extraordinary circumstances, because every state in the country is facing terrible budgets. everyday they don't restructure in south carolina is cowsing our taxpayers time and money. -- is causing or taxpayers time and money something i wouldn't stand for. the reason i told them to come back. they should have come back and done their work and finished their job. >> greta: these are extraordinary times people out of work. to say this is a quintessential definition of an ordinary occurrence, i didn't what is going on in south carolina. good luck. i hope if think want the job next time around they show up and do the work and don't say
1:48 am
this is how we always do it. we don't do it at all. >> 2012 is a big year for elections and we no longer elect people because they look good in a picture and hold a baby well. >> greta: we show up for breaking news even if it is on a weekend. governor, thank you. >> thank you. >> greta: straight ahead, donald trump is talking about 2012 again. and has a new beef. with whom and why? hear from where do you go to find a business backed by the superguarantee®? only®. for local maps, deals and more, go to®. and let the good guys save the day. ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> greta: here the best of the rest. does the republican party have a death wish? donald trump thinks that may be the case. for the first time donald trump is explaining why he decided not to run for president. he has a laundry list of reasons. is he really out? you decide. >> many people have been asking, why i was doing so well and leading in the polls, why didn't i decide to run for president? the fact is, numerous things happened. number one, the republican party. they had a lame duck session in congress and the republicans gave a new lease on life to obama. they made an agreement with him. it was absolutely ridiculous what they did.
1:53 am
and he was resurrected. he became the phoenix. i was like a new man. number two, paul ryan's plan. the timing of this plan was so bad. i happen to think the concept was bad also. it almost seems as though the republicans have a death wish. when they tamper with medicare, which happens to be a good program. but there's lots of fraud and waste, which we should take care of. when they tamper with medicare, they have a death wish. this is not gonna happen. frankly, i would protect medicare. it is not going to happen. you can win an election if you are going to be playing games with medicare. fix it, make it better. but the democrats are laughing at the stupidity of the republicans. and the ryan plan. we look at the 38 billion dollars in spending cuts. the 38 billion turns out to be 352 million dollars. so the republicans why talking about 100 billion in spending
1:54 am
cuts. the 100 billion turned out to be 38 billion. and the 38 billion turned out to be exactly 352 million dollars. so i look at the kinds of things that are happening. on top of that, nbc is calling me an hourly basis, offering me all sorts of money to continue with the apprentice, which has been a tremendous hit show for nbc and frankly for me. at one point i just said, you know what, i think it is time to take the money. i am watching very carefully. if the wrong person is nominated, you watch what happens with donald trump and what he does. because we have to beat obama. this country cannot last any longer with obama as our president. life in business is funny. every time i told nbc no, they kept saying, can we give you more? will you take more? even if you are rich, it is a lot of money. when you have a hit show, it
1:55 am
is a lot of money. i kept saying, no, no, no. ultimately, i don't want to battle again the republicans' stupidity. because it is stupidity the things they are doing. at the same time, tell nbc, i no longer want a hit show. who gives up a hit show? nobody. i had a decision to make. but there's plenty of time left for the big deal. >> greta: will donald trump make a comeback? we'll keep you posted. donald is always welcome to come here. >> congressman weiner is being called a lot of unpleasant called a lot of unpleasant names.male announcer ] the network -- a network of possibilities. in here, the planned combination of at&t and t-mobile would deliver our next generation mobile broadband experience to 55 million more americans, many in small towns and rural communities, giving them a new choice. we'll deliver better service, with thousands of new cell sites... for greater access to all the things you want, whenever you want them. it's the at&t network...
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>> greta: 11:00 is almost here. congressman weiner is apologizing to everybody for his acts. jon stewart is curious about this one. >> no indicator of its magnitude more telling of the weirdness than this. >> according to politico, weiner called bill clinton and apologized. >> what! the congressman had a sex scandal and had to apologize to bill clinton? for what, copyright infringement? a patent violation? are you insane! >> that is your last call, lights are blinking and we are closing down shop. we'll see you tomorrow. we have a special show planned yo


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